How homebuilder software helps construction comply with COVID-19 guidelines

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Throughout the month of May, we’ve seen regions across the United States, as well as countries worldwide, make steps to safely reopen businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it’s still anything but business as usual.

Government guidelines. Social distancing. Masks a must-have. It’s all to slow the spread and all here to stay – for now. This new normal calls for a new way of doing business. A better way.

That’s where technology like construction project management software comes in. Smart systems like this have already proven to keep your teams connected and your projects on track. But it goes beyond that.

Software for contractors is your long-term social-distancing solution.

There are rules upon rules upon regulations to now comply with – all while still tending to a growing business. Make it easy with tech in your toolbelt. Whether you already use a digital platform or are looking to adapt one for your business, you’ll want to check out how tech can help your construction company comply with COVID-19 guidelines:

1) Schedule for social distancing

Some industries can shift to work from home and keep operations chugging along just fine. Construction isn’t afforded this luxury. Houses don’t get built from living room couches.

However, if your entire crew and subs are on the job site, maintaining a minimum of 6 feet between people isn’t likely. Software like Buildertrend with a robust Scheduling tool can solve this easy.

Using this feature, simply schedule trades or employees to avoid overlap and limit the number of workers onsite. Even better, project managers can share the finished schedule with all parties to easily communicate when someone is needed. Want to make a change to the schedule? No problem. Edit however you see fit and everyone is notified of what’s been altered.

2) Contact tracing

Beyond an increase in testing and the potential for a vaccine, one of the biggest solutions to the challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis has been contact tracing. Like wearing masks when in public or maintaining a safe distance, we can all play a part with contact tracing, too. It’s all about knowing who you’re in contact with and when.

That’s where Buildertrend’s Daily Logs tool comes in. Contractors can make a digital journal entry each day to track who was on the job site, in the office or which employees have been in contact with one another.

Then, if someone involved with a project gets sick, you can trace their contacts back to inform them before they too potentially spread the virus.

3) Polices in the palm of your hand

We get it. All these new guidelines are hard to keep straight as a business owner, but it’s equally confusing for your team. Take the stress of your shoulders – and theirs.

How? Create a digital document with everything easily spelled out, then share it with your team. Think beyond email, where the message will likely get lost in inboxes, and store the document within your software system for employees or subs to access whenever, wherever.

Buildertrend has the capability to add photos and videos, too, if you want to use imagery to further explain any process changes. If employees have questions, they can leave comments on the doc for everyone to see and stay on the same page, too.

Here are some polices to consider communicating:

  • Sanitization of job sites
  • How to report illnesses
  • How to ensure physical distancing
  • How work will be scheduled now (refer back to the first point!)
  • Dos and don’ts for sharing tools
  • Access to masks, gloves and other protective equipment

4) Virtual communication

Even with this new normal, keeping clients top of mind remains the same. One way to do this is by safeguarding their health through virtual communication instead of face-to-face meetings.

Via a client login, Buildertrend allows homebuyers to message contractors, make selections (putting in-person showrooms in the past), electronically sign agreements and even pay online. Taking your business digital ensures safety as well as exceeds expectations of today’s tech-savvy consumers, according to Buildertrend’s 2020 Homeowners Report.

Your team benefits from this more streamlined way of communication, too. All interactions can take place in one system, eliminating information silos and the need for large group meetings all at once.

Conquer COVID-19 challenges with Buildertrend

Dream homes don’t have to be dashed because of COVID-19. With project management software for builders and contractors, adapting to the new normal and keeping your clients’ projects in progress is possible.

Your preparedness with technology might just make you stand out amongst the competition, winning you more jobs in the long term.

Ready to make job site safety a priority, meet health protocols and exceed societal expectations? Then try Buildertrend risk free now.

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Sean Robinson

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