Social media: Join your audience where they already are

Some of you might be asking, what’s the point of a social media profile when my construction company already has a website? Well, you can push your business’ website link to all sorts of people but the unfortunate truth is that you can’t make them click on it. No matter how great your website is, your traffic is limited to those who already know about your company or those who happen to search the exact keywords that you rank for online. So why not join your audience where they already are? LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram … any of these social networking sites — along with many others — are invaluable tools for spreading the word about what your company is up to. Check out a few of the many benefits that social media can provide for your company:

Brand awareness: Social networks are used by more than 2.2 billion users worldwide and given the way that content spreads like wildfire, these platforms are the perfect way to introduce potential customers to your company or simply remind past customers. In addition to raising the awareness of your company, a strong social media presence will also make your company seem more legitimate. Having a website isn’t enough anymore because more often than not, people check social media for a business’ page rather than trying to find their website right away.

Increased traffic and sales: Not only can your potential, current or past customers access your business’ website from your social media pages but you can continuously post content on each of them that links back to your website … and in turn, increase traffic and increase sales.

Customer insights: What type of information do your customers share? What type of information are they looking for? How do they share? What time of day are they usually on social media? In order to have a successful online presence and reputation, you have to truly know your audience on a deeper level. Luckily, social media can provide the answers to these questions for you along with the customer’s instant feedback which will allow you to tailor your content to them.

Trust: People tend to purchase from companies that they trust, and there’s really no easier way to establish trust than with social media. When people can see photos of your past projects, reviews and feedback, relationships you’ve formed with other customers, etc., they are going to be more likely to trust your brand which will indirectly influence their intent to go with your company.

Meaningful relationships: Building relationships on social media is all about listening. Social media provides a platform for customers to give instant feedback – positive or negative – and a platform for businesses to take part in that conversation. But remember … you can’t try to control the conversation. It’s about taking part in a dialogue, not just pushing your message out to potential customers. Social media far surpasses traditional advertising in this aspect because it allows the kind of dialogue between customers and businesses that traditional advertising doesn’t.

So, how does one get the best use out of their social media platforms and reap these benefits? Share news, resources and entertaining information – with some plugs about your company here and there – that will interest your target audience. This can’t be stressed enough … your social platforms are not just a place for you to strictly talk about your company. In order to be successful, you should show a genuine interest in your past, present and future customers by listening and communicating back with them and, in turn, gaining trust and brand loyalty from the meaningful relationships that you have created.

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