Welcome to a career in tech: What to expect your first day at Buildertrend

What does it look like to begin a technology job when working from home?

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It’s natural to have first-day jitters when you start a new technology job. But what happens when your first day is remote?

For those joining the Buildertrend family, there really is nothing to worry about. The world of work has changed for the time being – but you can still have an exciting and enriching onboarding experience as you forge a career in tech with us.

If you’re nervous, it’s important to remember we chose you for a reason. You stood out above the rest and know you’re an asset to the team behind the world’s No. 1 construction project management software. Think of it this way. The interview is over, and the first impression is made. Now it’s time to get to the good stuff – the work itself.

To further help take things from stressful to successful, we talked with a member of our hiring team and a recent new hire. Here are their tips to help you get started on the right foot in our new virtual environment:

A little preparing goes a long way

Preparing for a technology job at Buildertrend doesn’t mean buying a ton of new ties and memorizing the company values. We keep things casual, especially as we work from our dining room tables and bedrooms.

“Starting a career in tech in a content marketing role specifically, I spent a lot of time watching Buildertrend’s video content and browsing its social media pages,” said Josh Engard, recent new hire and multimedia production specialist.

Josh Engard, Career in tech

Josh Engard

For Buildertrend, preparing for your first day is more about getting into the right mindset for your role. New hires should also be sure to complete all policy and payroll documents sent to them via email by our HR team. About two weeks before your official start date, you’ll receive a welcome email and correspondence from your supervisor.

It’s also a good idea to have a workstation prepped and ready to go in your home. You don’t need a fancy desk or cubicle walls – a nice quiet spot on your sofa will do just fine.

Don’t sweat it. The first day is easy – seriously

Even though we’re still working from home, you have the option to come to the office the first day at 9:30 a.m. Everyone is masked, socially distanced and the group is kept to our hiring team and new hires.

Here’s what to expect while you’re there:

  • Be ready to smile – it’s headshot time!
  • Get the lay of the land. Check out our office space during a quick tour – yep, we really do have a bar and putting greens – then enjoy a quick onboarding presentation.
  • Free lunch! Yep, we said free. Inside the swag bag you’ll get is a gift card for lunch that first day.
  • Tech problems? Not here. You’ll receive your equipment and tech services helps get everything set up and running before you head home.

“My first impression of Buildertrend was that the company culture is as advertised,” Josh said. “Buildertrend invests a great deal in their employees through generous time-off, benefits, perks and a strong culture of teamwork. Sending each of us out with a swag bag was the icing on the cake.”

In the afternoon, you’ll virtually meet with your specific manager and more members of your team. Then, once you feel comfortable and set up, the weekend is yours to enjoy. Yep, start day is the best day of the week – Friday.

“It’s unique we start new hires on Friday, but there’s a reason for that. We want it to be a more relaxed day. You don’t have the anxiety and pressure of the entire week ahead of you,” said Gen Van Ackeren, talent acquisition manager II. “Have fun, meet the team, decompress and then start fresh on Monday.”

Gen Van Ackeren, Technology job

Gen Van Ackeren

Ask all the questions

We don’t expect anybody to come in knowing everything about Buildertrend or even their specific role. The first day is a great chance to get some of those outstanding questions answered.

“No question is a bad question,” Gen said. “We are all here to support each other, despite the fact we’re at home. Buildertrend is still a very collaborative work environment, and everyone is very willing to help. From day one, we give you the resources you need to be successful.”

Expect to become a Buildertrend expert

We know the questions don’t stop after day one. We also know that sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why you’ll participate in super exciting and super educational onboarding classes with your fellow new hires.

These are quick meetings with leaders from every department. The goal is to achieve a better understanding of each team’s operations and strategic focuses.

During this onboarding process, you’ll also attend Meet the Managers. This is a Buildertrend tradition that has now gone virtual. Here, you get to know all the leaders and the leaders get to know you. It’s a true example of how every employee matters – right from the start.

Meet the Managers meeting

Virtual Meet the Managers

“Things might be virtual for now, but you’re not going to miss out on the Buildertrend culture. We’ve found creative ways for you to still experience it from home,” Gen said.

Join the Buildertrend team

If you’re looking for a career in tech, check out all our job openings here. Buildertrend is the best place for you – from day one and beyond.

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