Solve the mystery of where your money is going with these 3 financial features

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Do you ever feel like you’re constantly looking for clues that will lead you to your bottom line? Do your finances feel like a puzzle you’re constantly trying to put together?

Now’s the time to crack the case.

It shouldn’t take Sherlock Holmes to decipher where your money is going. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good whodunit … just not when it comes to your business’ success. Put that magnifying glass down and use these three key Buildertrend features to help solve the mystery “where is my money going?” once and for all.

Track your budget and never lose sight of your bottom line

The Budget feature ensures you’re never unaware when it comes to the financial stability of each project. Whether you’re in the office or checking on job sites, your budget is updated in real time and ready when you need it. Track your job costs and always know where you stand with updated estimates, new expected costs, bills and POs, time clock labor, total costs and more.

You can set up your budget with a preexisting template, or you can import your budget information through one of our many integration options such as Excel.

And after you’ve entered all your financial information, be sure to use a reporting software to create daily financial reports such as the work in progress report. The WIP report is essential for knowing where you stand across all jobs on a daily basis. Reports like this will help you track changes and make updates in real time. Here at Buildertrend, we think WIP reports are so important, we built our own! Read more about how fellow Buildertrend customers are using (and loving) the WIP reporting tool within our platform.

Understanding your bottom line is important because the financial health of your business should never be a mystery.

Create more transparency and less mystery with owner invoices

Just like you, your clients have high expectations. This includes knowing and understanding their financial responsibility. No matter how you prefer to invoice – progress billing, schedule of payments, invoicing off estimates or billing from your selections sheet or change orders – Buildertrend can streamline your invoicing processes. Your clients will never have to wonder what they owe or when their payments are due.

With tools such as QuickBooks integration, online payment processing and notifications for deadlines and reminders maintaining transparency and open communication with your clients has never been easier. You’ll never have to worry about over invoicing or forgetting to invoice. These quick and efficient processes will ensure your clients are updated frequently, limiting confusion and boosting your client’s overall experience.

Always be a step ahead with QuickBooks integration

QuickBooks provides accounting solutions for small businesses and can be fully integrated you’re your Buildertrend account. Connecting QuickBooks with your Buildertrend account gives you cloud-based access to your job costing from wherever and is available whenever you need it. The setup is easy and with every update, your numbers are adjusted in real time. Create streamlined communication between your office team and your field crew, so no one is ever in the dark.

Need help getting started? Our customer support reps are experts, so they can help you get and up and running with QuickBooks in no time.

Never let your finances be a mystery with Buildertrend

We’ve got the tools and insights you need to prevent unsolved problems that keep your business from running without a hitch. No private detectives, clues or magnifying glasses needed.

Looking for someone to point you in the right direction? Reach out to your account executive and they’d be happy to help! Buildertrend has everything you need to ensure the continued success of your construction business.

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Chelsea Cole
Chelsea Cole

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