Invoicing made easy with buildertrend

Whether you have a large project or quick job, invoicing your customer can be a challenge. You’re already tasked with keeping the project on schedule, communicating with your trade partners, and keeping your own costs under budget. But, above all, you need to find a seamless way to invoice your customer that makes it easy for you and them.

Luckily, no matter how you prefer to invoice, Buildertrend provides you with a solution that will save you time and help you get paid faster.

With Buildertrend Invoicing, you get:

  • Improved Customer Experience
    Your customer has high expectations and wants a single source of truth regarding the bottom line, as well as what they owe and when. Buildertrend offers your clients a secure, cloud-based portal that provides them with visibility to invoices and a full-360 view of the project from start to finish.
  • Invoice the Way You Want
    Regardless of how you prefer to invoice – progress billing, schedule of payments, invoicing off estimates, or even bill from your Selection Sheet or Change Orders –Buildertrend provides you the invoicing workflow you need. Want to save even more time? Use our Templates feature to prefabricate the invoices you need and access them throughout any project.
  • Get Paid Faster
    Chasing checks and bugging your customers for payment isn’t the best use of your time. Through the use of Buildertrend Invoices, you have the option to accept electronic payments on your terms. Giving your customer the convenience of Online Invoices is a tool you’ll need to accelerate your receivables.
  • Realtime Reporting
    Saving time and improving customer service is crucial, but you need to know where you stand at the end of the month. Buildertrend Owner Invoices give you a breakdown by item and display how much you’ve billed, as well as what is left outstanding.

Wait, What about My Accounting Software?

Thankfully, Buildertrend integrates with your accounting software to alleviate double entry and streamline your office workflow. The integration encompasses not only your invoices, but also works with your job costs, purchase orders, and time clock data.

So, why make the switch? The reality is you’re a builder and you’re invoicing out of an accounting platform built for an accountant. Buildertrend is built for builders and offers you the benefits of managing your projects, enhancing customer communication, and tracking all your financials all in one cloud-based platform. However, you can still link all your financials back to your accounting software to save you time so you can get back to doing what you do best.

To learn more about Buildertrend Invoices and what this feature can do for your business, schedule a live demo today.

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