5 easy ways to get subs to use Buildertrend

Even the best can get better. That goes for your business and the subs who support it.

Smart construction project management software like Buildertrend might just be the way to better. Our techy tools are created with both the contractor and their trades in mind because we know they’re just as essential to the success of any project as the builder themselves.

In fact, according to a study by the Congressional Research Service, subcontractors handle at least 80% of the dollar value of any given job. Whether it’s stonework, masonry, insulation or plastering, your subs are the backbone to every project.

That’s why it’s vital that trades are a part of your processes. There’s no easier way to make that happen than Buildertrend.

Our general contractor software might as well be subcontractor software with all the benefits it offers them: getting paid quickly in one handy place, subcontractor scheduling that’s linked to to-do’s, managing bid requests and easier communication with the boss (that’s builders like you).

However, it’s always hard trying something new, and subs may not be familiar using an all-in-one platform like ours. With everything to gain and nothing to lose, it’s time to get them to become Buildertrend believers.

According to Joe Pietro, senior manager of customer success, here’s five ways to do just that:

1) Customize your invitation

Think of the last time you received a birthday card without a personal note. You look at it then in the trash it goes. Inviting a sub to use Buildertrend without personalizing the invite is a lot like that.

Instead, your invitation should include relevant information explaining what Buildertrend is, what it will be used for and links to our subcontractor help center videos.

“This creates a clear picture, sets an expectation for subs and then gives them the resources needed to take their first steps,” Pietro said.

2) Have a discussion

At the end of the day, it’s easy to say “no” to an electronic invite.

“Oh, we didn’t see that.”

“It just didn’t quite make sense to me.”

Face-to-face communication wields much more power – and eliminates the above statements from ever even being uttered. Have the discussion before sending an invite to keep even better control of the dialogue and set expectations. Then when the invite hits their inbox, your subs should be ready to roll.

3) Show the value

Telling a sub what Buildertrend can do is one thing. Showing them what it can do is another.

During the initial discussion, show off your account, so they can see the (really) big impact waiting for them. The reality of the situation is this: what subs are asked to do in Buildertrend is often times no different than what they are already doing somewhere else – and, in some cases, many places else. Buildertrend simply streamlines everything and gets them aligned with their contractor.

“Builders need to show the ease of use and demonstrate how entering information into Buildertrend can often be easier than their current process,” Pietro said.

And the value subs have to pay for using it? Zilch, zero, nada. You’ve already taken care of that for them. It’s really a no brainer.

4) Organize a training

Training? Doesn’t sound like a party. Training with pizza and beer? Now we’re talking.

Buildertrend offers unlimited, free training to subcontractors … which is awesome, of course. Turning this training into one big celebration is even more awesome.

The best way to get all your trade partners on the same page is organizing a meeting where Buildertrend support can do a group training* and demonstrate features. All questions will be answered as we go, too.

*Providing pizza and beer is optional, but totally recommended for best results.

5) Optimize your own usage of Buildertrend

This is more than just a game of monkey see, monkey do.

Sure, your subs will be more inclined to love the platform if you yourself are always utilizing it. More importantly, though, there’s certain features that dictate subs use the software, too. For example, move all your bidding and purchase order processes into Buildertrend and your subs may no longer have a choice to opt out.

“Make Buildertrend the standard way you manage your bidding and purchase orders,” Pietro said. “Then, relay to your subs that they need to submit their bids and approve their purchase orders in Buildertrend if they want to get work with your company and get paid for that work.”

It’s a boss move. But you are the boss after all.

Sub sorrows solved 

These tips are just the start. Follow them and you’ve got trades trading in old tools for Buildertrend. But how do you keep them invested?

It’s time to make more boss moves. Follow-up, positively reinforce success in the program and ensure they are making the most out of necessary resources like the Help Center or our support.

And if you yourself haven’t moved on from archaic tools to something more advanced, sub-focused and streamlined, try Buildertrend risk free.

Our extra efficient software is good for builders and good for the subs who support them. Ultimately, you’re both on the same team, conquering the same projects, sharing the same success together. Using the same software just makes sense.

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