Follow up … it’s not all about email

How do you usually follow up with prospective customers that you’ve met or gotten information from? Do you only send out emails or do you make phone calls? Email is all fine and well but it’s important to remember that emails are only one part of the follow-up process. It’s necessary to have a strategy. With the right planning and execution, the results that come up from a better follow-up can be great for your business. But the most important thing to remember? To get more customers, you need to always include a kinder, more human aspect of your follow-up process.

You can start by avoiding overly templated emails … your prospective customers will notice those and the minute they open them up and see the impersonal, templated email, they will ignore it. How do you expect people to take the time to respond with a personal email or phone call when you didn’t take the time to do so with them in the first place? When mocking up your emails, you need to focus on getting the prospective customers to actually open it up and hopefully go to your website. The chances of getting an actual response (especially on the first try) are low, but getting traffic to your website is a great start.

So, instead of a templated and clearly automated email, try making it more personal. And in no way are we suggesting that you write a new email to each person, but it does need to look like it’s coming from a real person rather than a business. Keep it mostly text and also keep it short. Use your words wisely because people just want an email that they can skim through. Whether the goal of your email is to make the person call you, go to your website, email you back, etc., you need to make sure that it’s easy for them to do.

Besides just email, phone calls are also a great way to follow up. Actually, a lot of customers would prefer a phone call rather than an email, but many times they never even get one. When you think about how many emails you delete before even opening, it’s clear that phone calls are necessary. Relying only on email will seriously limit the results of your follow-up efforts.

And always remember, these people gave you their information so they want to hear from you. In a day and age where so much is automated, a personal touch can go a long way, especially in the construction industry. So try following up with your prospective customers in a less automated, more human way, and hopefully this will lead to more customers for your construction business.

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