Home improvement financing just got easier

Two words: Rocket Loans. You may have already heard that contractor-offered, home improvement financing is our newest Pro Service, but if you haven’t … well, good thing you’re reading this!

Our partnership with personal loans provider Rocket Loans means something big for our clients. Not only will you be able to offer financing to your customers with ease, but also will you’ll be able to do it right within your Buildertrend account! So maybe you already offer financing—or you have thought about offering it—or maybe it hasn’t crossed your mind. No matter where you stand with the matter, we laid out the benefits for you here and below:

  1. Create opportunities to close more sales. Now that they know the “money side of things” is good to go, your customers may just book that remodel they’ve been thinking about.
  2. Fewer cash flow problems. When money is secure, there are no worries for you!
  3. Better marketing efforts. If your competition is doing it, so should you.
  4. Create the potential to increase job sizes. When the money is secure, your customers may be more open to an upgrade on fixtures or materials.
  5. Help building customer relationships. It’s all about trust, and that’s exactly what you’ll have with financing through a secure online platform.

These benefits sound pretty good, don’t they? Plus, there’s a strong chance that your competition is already offering financing options to their customers, so why aren’t you? It’s time to step up, keep up and prevent your company from losing out on sales by adding secure financing to your offering.

Our unified goal with Rocket Loans is to simplify the home improvement financing process for residential contractors and homeowners. To make things super easy, we’ve integrated Rocket Loans right into the Buildertrend platform! Homeowners can apply for financing and explore loan options for their project, and you can enable it all within your Buildertrend platform.

One of the best parts of this partnership for contractors? Your customers are more likely to actually do that remodel they’ve been dreaming about, or even just choose upgraded finishes, (i.e., spend a little more) when secure financing is made available. This added service takes the pressure off them to know exactly where the money to pay for the work is coming from, which means a smoother project for you.

Maybe it’s time to start offering financing, all within the Buildertrend platform. Want more information? Get in touch with us today!