Customer spotlight: Morse Custom Homes & Remodeling

Real users. Real stories. Real results. That’s what we want to share with you, so we reached out to Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling, a design-build firm in Davis, California for our most recent customer spotlight video!

Before implementing Buildertrend over 3 years ago, Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling was in need of technology that linked people in real-time and allowed them to access files from each other, without interrupting each other’s work. After testing out a few options, they settled on Buildertrend as it offered them the most features, would be the easiest for them to learn, and provided the support team they felt they needed.

To expand further on his company’s use of Buildertrend, Marty Morse, Owner and Certified Remodeler, answered a few questions:

When meeting with a prospective customer, how do you incorporate Buildertrend into your sales pitch?

“As the owner of a company, I always pitch to our prospective clients how Buildertrend has created a transparent layer of accountability within our company. Buildertrend allows me to log into any of our projects from any location and find out exactly what is going on with any particular project. The communication between the Lead Carpenter and the Client, the scheduling of trade partners, the documented change orders, and current production photos are all at my fingertips via my smart phone and/or desktop computer. The same feeling is true for our clients. Important information such as the architectural plans, product cut sheets, specifications, contracts, and scheduling are all kept updated and accessible via the cloud based Buildertrend software. This keeps our clients actively involved as progress is made throughout the design and production of their project.”

What would you say to other remodelers and custom builders that are considering implementing Buildertrend?

“Change is inevitable. If you are not changing, you are not staying up with the current industry trends. I would suggest to any builder that they embrace change and take the time to implement new technologies into their business model. Buildertrend has helped us transition digital technology and project management into the cloud and onto our production team’s smart phones. Time is of the essence in this industry, and Buildertrend has streamlined our operations and provides instant information to all of our staff, as well as our clients. As we continue to implement additional aspects of what Buildertrend offers, we find ourselves streamlining our operations even more. I would highly recommend Buildertrend to other remodelers and custom builders.”

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