8 tips for creating a memorable customer experience

Construction companies have the benefit of building customer relations by word-of-mouth but where does it all start? By creating a memorable customer experience. A positive customer experience can lead to retention and growth and it’s especially important on the flip side. An unsatisfied customer is never good and could vocalize their feelings, potentially harming your company’s reputation. As a business owner or manager, you must ensure that your company focuses on understanding exactly what good customer service is and how to make that happen. Follow these tips to go above and beyond and create a memorable customer experience:

Never underestimate the power of details
Most of the time, it’s the little details that customers recall even more than the actual product or service they received. As customers notice these little details, it not only makes them feel good about building or remodeling their home, but choosing to build or remodel with you and your company … and that is a significant part of the overall customer experience.

Be flexible
Every client and project is unique, so techniques that have worked for one job might not work for the next job. All members of your company must be flexible and respectful of every person’s and every project’s differences for the best results.

Help clients understand
For those in the construction industry, it’s easy to forget that construction has its own language, so you must remember that there are ideas, concepts and lingo that you will need to explain to your clients so everyone is on the same page throughout the process.

Prioritize trust
If a client has chosen you as their contractor, they clearly already have some level of trust for you but it is important to foster that trust, as that will assure them that their business is valuable and you will have their best interest as a top priority throughout the project. Having that trust also helps in the case of any issues arising because they will be more likely to trust you to get things back in order without much panic or anger.

Stay one step ahead
Being able to anticipate problems before they occur is ideal, but realistically that’s not always possible. Problems will pop up so being up front and honest with your customers is the best way to satisfy them. The key to success is responding before they even have a chance to notice that something isn’t right.

Show your appreciation
What do you do to show your customers you appreciate their business? After all, there are probably quite a few other companies in your area that do the same thing as you so it’s important to show your appreciation for your customer’s business, as they could’ve chosen one of those other companies to work with.

Communicate positively
Try checking in with your customers – in person or over the phone – to tell them how things are going, especially when there is nothing wrong. You don’t want all of the calls you make to only be when there are issues, so updating your customers on positive things is a great way to enhance the experience. And if there are issues that arise, always try to present them in a positive light with a clear solution or way out.

Follow up
A lot of companies are probably guilty of finishing a project and rushing on to the next one without looking back but it’s important to follow up even after the completion of a project to make sure that your customer is still satisfied. Most likely, the customer will greatly appreciate the follow up and that will further enhance the satisfaction they feel with their choice to work with your company and the finished product you left them with.

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