6 pro tips for new Buildertrend users

When it comes to revolutionizing your business with the No. 1 construction project management software, there are no cheat codes. Nope, Buildertrend isn’t like a game of Mario where you toggle left once, then right twice and BOOM! Like magic, you’ve got everything you ever wanted.

But consider this the next best thing: Tips and tricks from the pros who know Buildertrend best. We’re talking with two of our own onsite consultants, Brett Jones and Rachel Wieser, to see what insights they have hidden up their sleeves.

New Buildertrend users, this one is for you! Listen up – or, read up in this case – because here’s all the advice you need to quickly adapt our software and fully embrace the power of game-changing tech.

1) Keep it simple

Sounds … well, simple … right? You’d be surprised how many builders overcomplicate things right from the start.

But we get it. It’s gadgets and gizmos galore when you first log into Buildertrend. It’s hard to know where to begin. Instead of juggling dozens of new features at once, start with one or two and let your support team guide you along the way.

“Buildertrend is meant to be user-friendly to not only set up, but also for your team to adopt,” Jones said. “If you’re struggling and finding either of these cumbersome, you’re probably over complicating it. Let us help.”

2) Have your data ready to roll

To make your business digital with the best homebuilder app, you’ve first got to add all your business info. That starts day one – and our team is there to help.

“It’s crucial to have data ready to import, whether that’s information on subs, employees, customers, jobs or cost accounting codes,” Wieser said. “Your training specialist will be able to import this for you to ensure you get started on the right foot.”

It’s important to remember inputting all this data doesn’t happen right away. Implementing software into your processes is a marathon, not a sprint. Take it one step at a time, and soon success will follow.

3) Put project management first

Buildertrend’s capabilities seem endless. Financials, client relations, lead management – and more. So very much more. However, the backbone of Buildertrend is project management.

That’s why new users should make these features their first priority.

“If you want to utilize and understand the full scope of Buildertrend, you need to start with project management and branch off into other facets as everything is intertwined with it,” Jones said.

Before tackling more complex tools like Lien Waivers or Bid Requests, start with the core four most popular features: Schedules, To-Do’s, Daily Logs and File Management.

4) Make the most of templates

Nobody likes wasting time doing work that’s already been done. Make that a thing of the past with Buildertrend.

Instead of starting from scratch, several of our features allow you to use templates as a way to streamline processes. The value templates provide go way beyond just time savings, too.

“Templates not only help on the front end of the project through setup and planning, but they allow for consistency,” Wieser said. “Similar practices from one job to the next make it easy for your team and subs to find information and onboard new employees. Everyone will have the same way of using Buildertrend, so they will be able to pick up your internal processes even quicker and be more productive sooner.”

5) Make sure your team trusts the Buildertrend team

You don’t just have one coach. You have an entire Buildertrend training team acting as your biggest cheerleaders, supporters and fans. Together, we’ll find a better way for your business.

“Your training specialist has helped countless companies successfully implement Buildertrend – they know what they’re talking about,” Jones said.

Make sure your crew, or anybody on staff using Buildertrend for that matter, has buy in on the platform, too. Continue to share with them the importance of changing processes and have them work with our Customer Support team.

“Think of us as an extension of your team. We want you to succeed just as much as you want to,” Wieser said.

Did you know? At Buildertrend, we offer unlimited customer support and additional training options. You don’t have to do it alone.

6) Go all in

Buildertrend is an investment in your business. Like any investment, do a half-a** job and you’ll only see half the return.

The first 90-days in Buildertrend are crucial. Think of it as your first impression. You want to make a good one, and to do that – to really learn how to make this platform work for you –you’ll need to take training seriously and put your best, most attentive foot forward.

“Our most successful users immerse themselves in Buildertrend within the first 90 days,” Jones said. “If you want to significantly streamline your building process, foster better connectivity with your homeowners, all while obtaining buy-in from your team, give us your attention for 90 days.”

Not a new user yet? Become one!

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If you still haven’t seen our construction job software in action yet, we’d be happy to show you what’s possible.

“On average, Buildertrend has reduced time spent on communication by nearly 50% between field and office workers. Plus, builders who’ve used Buildertrend save about $450,000 over a five-year period,” Wieser said. “Do you want to grow and scale your company? Buildertrend is the way to do that.”

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