5 ways QuickBooks software integration makes life easier

Sean Robinson / Buildertrend

Some things just go better together.

Peanut butter and jelly. Salt and pepper. Buildertrend and QuickBooks.

Seriously, this duo is like Batman and Robin – minus the capes and tights. Together, they’re ready to defeat villainous project management mayhem, punch up payment processing and save the day all sorts of ways. Best of all, no bat signal needed here.

You already trust Buildertrend to help with managing customers, managing jobs and managing pre-sales. Now, with QuickBooks integrated, it can help manage all things financial, too.

You’re probably thinking, “Why haven’t I used this before?!” Here are the top five ways QuickBooks integrated with Buildertrend makes life easier. Way, way easier.

1) Double data entry no more

Nobody likes to do something twice – unless that thing is eating ice cream. Then, sign us up! But we’re talking about entering financial data. Yep, twice isn’t so nice in this case.

That’s why QuickBooks integrates with customer invoices and trade payments, eliminating double entry. Even better, the integration goes along with the same workflows you’re already used to. Translation: you don’t have to give up how you’ve always loved to use QuickBooks. Now your financial info is stored in the same place as the rest of your project details. This brings us to our next point …

2) Achieve consistency across platforms

Running a construction business often requires contractors to bounce from system to system. Look here, look there, look everywhere. We’re getting whiplash just thinking about it. Keep all the tools you need to run your business like a boss in one place. Consistency, time management and an easier life are all sure to follow.

With two-way sync between Buildertrend and QuickBooks, information can quickly and easily transfer between both programs. You have the ability to take project-specific expenses that originated in QuickBooks and send them back to your Buildertrend budgets for more accurate job costing. Better processes like this mean better profit margins.

3) Keep your accountant happy

You know that guy or gal on payroll who never seems to not have a calculator? Yeah, that’s your accountant. They’re good for a lot more than befriending numbers and equations. They are also pretty killer at keeping your finances afloat, so the last thing you want to do is tax your tax expert.

QuickBooks really is an accountant’s best friend. As a builder, you don’t have time to trudge through the depths of your finances to analyze the bottom-line on each job. You’re focusing on the job itself. Now, with Buildertrend and QuickBooks linked, you can get what you need and so can your accountant.

4) Produce financial reports with ease

We get it. Time is money, money is time – especially when dealing with money itself. When you have access to the status of all your job-specific costs and customer invoices within Buildertrend, it’s easier than ever to access all the financial information you need. You don’t even have to log into QuickBooks. Just use the system you know and love – Buildertrend.

The same is true for your accountant. They have access to all that same information in QuickBooks for their reports.

Not only will financial efficiency improve but so will accuracy. Everything is now synced, streamlined and super accessible. Go on and get a bird’s-eye view or down into the weeds when pulling reports with just the click of a button. Simply tailor each one to see what matters most to you. It’s reporting done just right for your business.

5) Stay in the know on the go

Always know where your business stands no matter where you stand. Whether at the jobsite, home or vacationing beachside, the Buildertrend app makes your jobs as mobile as you are. From one palm, see all the financial gizmos and gadgets you want while sipping a daiquiri from the other hand. You are theoretically on vacation, after all.

Make QuickBooks work for you

By now, you know Buildertrend is yin to QuickBooks’ yang. They make each other better, plain and simple.

Ultimately, it’s all about making you better, though. Our cloud-based software teamed with this accounting system partner as one powerhouse, and we want you to feel its effects. Our experts will even help you get and stay up and running. Just talk to support today.

The benefits of this integration will pay off – literally.

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Sean Robinson

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