5 crucial times to provide status updates on construction jobs

“How’s it going?”

It’s a simple question – one we hear all day, every day. But in the world of construction, this is much more than just a friendly greeting. Your ability to answer it right at the right time could be what makes or breaks your reputation as a standout builder.

Wait. You entered the construction game, not the communication game … right? Wrong! The two go hand in hand. A solid communication plan is the foundation of any successful construction project.

Ultimately, clients want to know two key things: Are things on time and on budget? Providing regular status updates helps answer any questions before customers even think to ask.

Between pouring concrete, framing windows and handling subs, customer management can get left behind. Simple status updates change all that. Here are five times you should provide a status update to clients for new construction jobs.

In the beginning

Let’s start at the start. Before that concrete is poured or those windows framed, it’s important to get on the same page as your client. It’s at this point where you can communicate if the project started as expected or if there were any delays.

Start any job off right. Give your clients a good impression. Build trust from the get-go. Yep, the power of a status update can do all that right from the beginning.

After completing a milestone

Construction is hard work. There’s no way around it. So, when a milestone is completed, it’s time to celebrate.

You likely already have an agreed upon list of milestones with your client. Whenever one is met, send out a status update to keep them excited and in the know. It can be as simple as using a construction project update template that just notifies them when a milestone is met.

That little notification is like a celebratory bottle of champagne popping with good news. Cheers!

Expected delays

We can’t always give good news. Sure, nobody wants to be the bearer of bad news, but delays might be even more important to share than milestones.

So, how can this bad news seem not so bad then? It’s all about communicating delays quick – like, so quick you share them before they even happen.

To forecast holdups, all you need is good construction project management software, not a crystal ball. For instance, if a shipment of lumber is now scheduled to arrive later than you originally thought, let your client know as soon as you realize the delay. This level of effective communication alleviates the shock of any not-so-welcome surprises.

When clients ask

We all have those clients. You know the kind. They’ve got questions. Lots and lots of questions.

For some of these clients, knowledge is power. So why not give it to them? If a client asks about the progress of a project, it’s always a good idea to send out a status update. And if they check in a lot, you could start to be proactive and just send out status updates weekly or bi-weekly to meet their needs.

Masterfully managing customers like this is one way to guarantee word-of-mouth referrals that keep business booming.

Regular intervals

Good teamwork hinges on good communication when it comes to completing construction projects. Clients are part of that team. That’s why it’s a good idea to send out status updates at regular intervals.

Don’t just make these updates another thing on your to-do list. Using homebuilder construction management software can make it easier and seamless, as you can schedule updates for all your projects. You won’t have to worry about remembering to share and clients won’t worry about the status of their projects.

The smart way to update clients

A lot of clients = a lot of projects = a lot of updates. Sounds like … well, a lot. No need to stress, though.

An effective construction management software like Buildertrend manages all this for you. Schedule a demo to learn more about why we’re ideal for homebuilders and talk about our risk-free guarantee. We’re here to help the status of your business.

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