5 benefits of joining a home builders association

You’re not like a regular homebuilder. You’re a cool homebuilder.

Right? Well, if you’re part of a home builders association, then heck yeah. You’re cool incarnate.

Just like high school, the cool in construction rolls deep. You need a crew of other homebuilder bosses to call your buddies, besties and brethren. Joining a home builders association is a surefire way to make sure nobody is fresher than your clique.

Of course, cool is about more than just appearances. It’s about being a step ahead of everybody else. Leading trends. Being the best of the best. Your company can be all this and much, much more when you join a home builders association.

But what about the monthly meetings and membership fees you say? Yep, we can hear your objections already. Because we’ve thought about them, weighed them, really considered them. Still, we truly believe in the benefits of joining a home builders association. You should too. Here are five rewards you’ll reap when joining a home builders association:

Group benefits

Oh, insurance! It’s something we all need, but nobody wants to pay hand over fist for it. As a small business owner, you surely know just how taxing to your bottom-line benefits can be. Home builder associations can help.

Many of them have group benefits like health insurance, dental, joint discounts and 401(k) programs you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Better rates, better coverage and better options all sounds like a win to us. Even more winning? You can continue to look cool because there’s nothing cooler than clean teeth and a clean bill of health.

Access to ongoing education

Construction is a trade that’s old as time itself, but there’s always something new to know. Always.

Best practices, trends, regulations, industry tech – it’s all changing, all the time. Don’t just follow trends, set them. The key is talking to the right people at the right time in the right place. That’s where home builders associations come in. Often times, they offer free classes or even certifications. All this helps to set you apart from your competition. For once, being a braniac is oh-so-cool.

Help with hiring

Building a house? Easy-peasy. Building your business with the best team? Maybe not so simple. Home builders associations can make all the difference. These trailblazing organizations offer employment services for members, or they can help get you connected to qualified workers that need to find a job quickly. Just like that, your clique is already growing.

Bulk discounts

Sometimes more really is less. And sometimes more is better … especially in the case of bulk discounts.

As part of a home builders association, you can get a ton without paying a ton. You’ll gain access to a network of material suppliers, many of which offer groups discounts to attract business. These suppliers buy in bulk and sell in bulk to help provide reduced prices to trusted industry professionals.

Less project costs. More profitability. Looks like those itty-bitty association membership fees don’t seem so bad after all.

Credibility with new clients

Nothing’s cooler than cred. No, not street cred. We’re talking client credibility. Clients can be a skeptical bunch when it comes to new home builders.

“Do these newbies have the skills to make my dream home a reality? Have they made major goofs before? Can they stay on schedule and on budget?”

Being a member of a home builders association shows them you have the stuff to build that five-bed, three-bath colonial – plus everything will be cost effective and up to code. Associations vet all their members to ensure they maintain specific standards. With this in mind, clients prefer association members because they’ve already been verified by other industry professionals. That’s right. Crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s is no problem for you.

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You’re invited to the cool crowd

Education. Experience. Expense savings. These are the things that define the top of the top in residential construction. So, go and join that home builders association in your area that you’ve been eyeing. Not sure if there is one? Start by searching this handy directory from the National Association of Home Builders. All the cool kids are doing it. This is peer pressure at its most positive.

This is just one way to strengthen your business. Investing in the right homebuilder project management software is another. Call 888.415.7128. or schedule a demo to learn how Buildertrend can help you save money, conquer projects and stay cool.

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