4 proven ways construction software increases sales

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As a construction professional, your job is as much about “now” as it is about “next.”

Sure, your current projects are completed with the utmost care and detail, but there’s one question always looming: What’s next?

Or, maybe, it’s a never-ending stream of queries. How many projects can you land this year? Where is that next big paycheck coming from? How do you go beyond the brink of make-it or break-it?

These questions ring especially true for those just getting started in the industry or smaller construction companies rivaling against larger ones. It’s time you find a tool that helps you effectively manage immediate jobs and your company’s long-term competitiveness.

Nowadays, this is easier than easy with construction project management software.

However, don’t let the term “project management software” fool you. Savvy homebuilder apps go way beyond just helping you accomplish current work. They double as pre-sales software, too, giving you the power to capture future jobs.

Need more proof? Here are 4 proven ways software skyrockets sales:

1) Built-in CRM tools for construction

Not all the best salespeople have to wear ties. Or, even have necks to wear ties for that matter.

Think of technology as the strongest salesperson on your team. The right homebuilder software can act as your single source of truth when it comes to prospecting. Capture. Create. Close. All from one convenient place.

Smart systems like Buildertrend let you add leads from a variety of sources, too. Automatically receive their information from website forms, import from Excel or add on-the-go, right from the app. Then track all the details of each lead in your account, including your confidence of the sale, projected sales date, who the salesperson is and more.

No need for a pen or post-it notes that would get lost. All the information is right there at your fingertips.

2) Email marketing

OK, you’ve got leads ready and raring to go in your software account … now what?

Let tech take care of that for you, too. After all, any customer can become a lean mean email marketing machine with Buildertrend.

This powerful platform gives you the ability to automate drip email campaigns with just a few clicks. Send blasts to potential clients, and best of all, customizable templates and messages take the hard work out of it. The second a prospect responds you’ll receive a push notification to keep you on top of everything.

Turning leads into clients just got easy breezy.

3) Reporting

The secret to keeping your sales process running smoothly? Bravo to you if you guessed reporting!

Buildertrend comes equipped to give construction companies the ability to better manage and measure all stages of every project. That includes the pre-sales portion before a project even begins.

As you enter data about each lead into your account, you can analyze and see who is closest to committing. You won’t have to rely on memory to keep track of it all, and you’ll leave guesswork out of the entire equation.

With reporting, contractors know where any potential client stands at any given moment.

4) Estimates and proposals

At this point in the sales process, you’re almost there … but not quite past the finish line! To really win leads, deliver estimates and proposals to them the digital way.

Buildertrend’s system makes it super simple to build estimates, deliver customized proposals and ultimately sell more jobs. Start from existing templates, collect signatures electronically and import info from Excel. Truly, the entire estimating process comes together here.

You’ll love the convenience of it all – and so will your clients. Today’s tech-savvy consumers are looking for builders or remodelers who offer ease of communication through use of apps and software. Prove you’re that type of forward-thinking contractor right from the start.

Boost sales with Buildertrend

For any construction business, sales is the key to long-lasting success. That’s why it’s important to not just use software when you have a job – use it to land new jobs as well.

How? The answer is simple – it’s Buildertrend. It’s got all the gadgets and gizmos we highlighted to act as your go-to CRM software for construction. Beyond this, its project management features help you stay more organized, increase collaboration and improve communication, finding you endless hours of efficiency. That means you can spend more time landing the leads you really want.

To further see how Buildertrend can make an impact on your sales and current jobs, schedule a demo now.

It’s one small action you can take now to get where you want to be next.

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Sean Robinson
Sean Robinson

Sean Robinson is a senior content marketing specialist at Buildertrend

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