4 reasons landscapers need project management software, too

Project management is for more than just the construction guys and gals wearing hard hats. Smart software is just that … smart. That means it’s the right fit solution for subcontractors like landscapers, too.

Residential construction is no longer just hammers and nails (say hello to the latest and greatest power tool, tech!), and the same could be said for landscapers. It’s more than mowers and hoes now. If you want to be the best of the best, landscaping software can help you forge forward to become an industry leader.

You don’t have to take our word for it either. See how one company from Flower Mound, Texas, (yep, that town name couldn’t be more perfect) set a new standard of excellence with the help of landscaping business software. Tech gave them the green thumb they needed to grow their business and achieve their goals – and then some.

We’re here to help you plant your own seeds of success, just in time for the busy summer season. Check out the top four ways landscaping management software can help your business:

1) Every job organized to perfection

For our first point, it’s all about lawn and order, emphasis on order. That’s right, we’re laying down the lawn and throwing project management chaos in the slammer. (We’re guilty of more crime-landscaping puns, but we’ll spare you for now.)

A messy process means money could be slipping away and you don’t even realize it. With landscape architecture software on your side, you’ll have all your job information in one place. From schedules and daily to-do’s to communication with clients and saved documents, it’s all available from the palm of your hands.

No more jumping from system to system. No more losing important details.  No more stress.

2) Customer service that blooms

Grass is a funny thing – it never stops growing. That means the need for excellent customer service is more important to landscapers than their construction counterparts.

While families only need a new home every decade (or two … or three), there’s always grass, weeds and flowerbeds that need tending too. To make sure your current clients keep coming back and refer you to all their friends, landscaping software can help you deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

We already mentioned that all client communication can be done with tech, but so can much of the rest of the project process, including sharing job schedules for increased transparency, leaving daily logs to keep customers in the loop, signing agreements, making selections, payments and more.

It’s a garden party in a platform – the best place for landscaper and client to stay connected.

3) Features to help you see more green

Nope, this time we’re not talking grass. By green, we mean cold hard cash. Moolah. The thing that makes the world (and your business) go round.

You’re in business to make more money, which is exactly why you’ll want to take root in the financial features offered by landscaping estimating software. Accurate as a bullseye when it comes to tracking every penny, these souped-up systems have the tools you need to handle invoicing, process payments, track your budget, handle purchase orders and even integrate with popular accounting systems like QuickBooks and Xero.

Sounds like this is the best way to weed out any processes holding you back from bigger, better margins.

4) Pre-sales perfected

Before any trees are planted or irrigation systems installed, you need a system in place to manage your leads and land more jobs. We’ve got just the way for you to grow from small-time to tycoon – no 12 hours of direct sunlight needed.

Yep, you guessed it. We’re still talking tech. It provides your team one convenient place to create, capture and close all prospects; powers your marketing with the tools you need to send dynamic email campaigns; and even allows you to build estimates and proposals.

But wait! That’s not all. You want the best subs on your side before any job starts, too. Let landscaping bidding software handle this for you. Compare, send and store bids in techy tools to get the subs you want and provide the highest quality of lawn care.

Not your grandpa’s landscaping tools

Believe it or not, there is one landscaping management software that can do all of this for you. After all, you want to rely on a single source of truth to handle every step of the process.

Meet Buildertrend.

This powerful platform streamlines all your business operations, saving you countless wasted dollars and days. To get started, schedule a demo and see why Buildertrend kicks (gr)ass.

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