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You build more than houses. You build relationships.

After all, the best contractors understand the referral power of super satisfied clients. That’s why your construction business should always strive to not just meet but exceed client needs. We’re talking the type of service that makes buyers happy dance, cheer or a combination of both.

We’ll here’s a reason for you to happy dance. Buildertrend helps your company win the client expectations game.

We should know. Our Homeowners Data Report took a deep dive to discover what homebuyers really want from builders, remodelers and specialty contractors in this digital age. We found today’s tech-intelligent homeowners value online tools that make everything easier, faster and just plain better.

Homebuyers can now easily search for contractors, sell listings and shop homes all online. Shouldn’t the next step in the building journey be just as digital?

That’s your competitive advantage. Your clients expect and can receive a digital construction experience because you have smart tech in your toolbelt.

To help you better communicate your Buildertrend advantage, we’re outlining the top three ways our powerful platform sets you apart in clients’ eyes:

1) Communication chaos conquered

Clients want the inside scoop when it comes to building or renovating their dream homes. Weekly and monthly check-ins aren’t going to cut it.

Communication features within the Buildertrend Customer Portal is a dream for homeowners.

Everything your client needs to know about the progress and status of their project is in this portal. It goes way beyond basic messages (but those are included, too). We’re talking the ability to share daily logs, progress photos, videos, documents, comments and more.

With one central communication system, you leave juggling to the circus clowns. Your clients don’t have to search through emails, texts, voicemails and even notes written on the back of receipts to keep up anymore. Talk about easy!

2) Next-level transparency

Full disclosure.

Those two words are good for more than just grabbing attention. They represent the new standard in homebuilding and renovating. Your clients want full disclosure on every element of their homes.

Buildertrend enables you to provide the level of detail your clients want. And by offering this kind of transparency, you’re building trust – a key element to strong-as-nails client relationships. When you operate with an open approach, your clients will feel more included and at ease knowing where their project stands.

That’s why Buildertrend’s Customer Portal gives you the option to share the details you want with clients. By giving access to the full job schedule, a running job total and a record of all communication, you’ve mastered the three T’s: transparency, traceability and transcending expectations.

And, full disclosure, clients are going to love that.

3) Buildertrend makes you look good

Organization is a true art form. Lucky for you, our construction project management software gives you the skills to become the Picasso of perfected processes.

A new build or a home renovation is stressful for clients. Anything you can do to make things more seamless and simple goes a long way. That’s where we come in.

There’s no jumping from system to system, hunting down emails or a never-ending stream of face-to-face meetings. The entire journey has gone digital for both builder and client. That includes design selections, making payments, asking questions and signing agreements like sales proposals and change orders.

This level of organization makes things easier than easy for your clients. We told you you’d be looking good!

Leverage Buildertrend to win more jobs

It’s time you let the world know you’ve got Buildertrend on your side.

We make it easy for you with a Buildertrend Customer Badge and Promotional Toolkit. Get more leads and win more jobs by promoting how cutting-edge tech makes your business a cut above the rest. Claim your Buildertrend Customer Badge and Promotional Toolkit now.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • The Buildertrend Badge: A logo to incorporate into your website and marketing materials.
  • Badge guidelines: These are the do’s and don’ts of using the Customer badge to promote your business.
  • Social media graphics: Ready-made images to share on your social media channels so you can tell the world you’re better with Buildertrend.
  • Promotional article: A post you can share on your website to explain you’re better with smart software.

With Buildertrend, you’re equipped to be better than your competition. Now, it’s time to tell the world with the Buildertrend Customer Badge.

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Sean Robinson
Sean Robinson

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